We will be proudly presenting its latest offerings at the 56th edition of the Milan International Furniture Show and showcasing the fruit of months of research, exploring new design avenues in line with the company’s policy of continuous growth.

There is a new prestigious collaboration with the Calvi Brambilla studio, a well-known duo who need no introductions. PIANCA’s technical department has put in a lot of hard work in tandem with Calvi e Brambilla, drawing on their wealth of experience in the field of architecture and design and combining it with PIANCA’s know-how and philosophy. The main outcome of this team-up has been a fresh new take on the living room and bedroom furniture systems, which have been expanded and redesigned to be even more versatile and sophisticated. New accessories, materials and finishes help make the PIANCA range even more comprehensive, catering to any aesthetic or dimensional requirements and lending itself to practically endless custom designs, effectively offering solutions very much along the lines of a “bespoke” handmade piece.
The young Italian designer, whose delicately refined taste and design lines are much sought-after, shares PIANCA’s vision of design which builds on the precious knowledge and expertise of traditional craftsmanship to achieve a personal, contemporary interpretation of the objects that are part of our daily lives.
This design ethos and conceptual blueprint have resulted in two captivating new products: the AMANTE bed, Inspired by traditional Italian design, but offering contemporary details and attitude and the CALATEA armchair, Eclectic and elegant, synthesis of an exploration of forms that investigates the out-of-scale proportions of simple, primitive elements like the leaves of the eponymous plant native to South America.
There is further collaboration with Emilio Nanni, who previously designed Haik and Asolo for PIANCA. His architectural training and experience, combined with his versatile expression of his creativity as designer and artist, lead him to create iconic, highly eloquent designs, like the MAESTRO table and the ALUNNA chair, its ideal companion. The distinguishing trait shared by both designs is the segment, seen as a primary geometric entity and as an iconic structural element. The expressive power and aesthetic value of the MAESTRO table and ALUNNA chair really come to the fore when they are paired together, conveying an idea of balance that plays at dismantling and rebuilding itself, while still giving a sense of reassuring stability.

Even Philippe Tabet back to design for PIANCA, presenting an original bed, FUSHIMI. Inspired by one of Kyoto’s most important sanctuaries, FUSHIMI reveals its meek, evocative character at a glance, exuding harmony in the combination of its parts and stylishness in its details. Fascinated by spiritual Japanese culture, the designer has endeavoured to capture its essence and hold on to that concept of balance and lightness that the culture is known for. Design by Philippe Tabet also the generous and enveloping armchair, ESSE LOUNGE, Adding to and completing the seating from the ESSE family, dynamic and versatile, all characterized by a sinuous and soft line.

Philippe Tabet’s bed is joined by a new offering designed by studio CMP: DIONISO, a bed that combines simplicity and stylish design, revealing in its details inherent utility as a practical and multifunctional piece. The shape of the rear legs sweep up to support the headboard and turn into two little square side tables with rounded edges, making handy shelves that swing out as needed.
Design of the highest calibre is also evident in two new collections of occasional furniture for the bedroom. Inspired by a cocooning setting, and features warm, inviting colours, Emmanuel Gallina design CHLOE’, The new collection of bedside tables and bedroom storage units, characterized by an Exclusive and refined design, think to become the heroes of the bedroom, paving the way for modern and original room layouts, free from the restrictions of the classic against-the-wall arrangements. Perfect complement to the bedroom, VANITY si aggiunge alla proposta as a ,polyhedric console, was conceived as a dual-purpose piece, serving as both a dressing table and desk, to customize according to your needs.
Designed by Calvi Brambilla is LOGOS, the family of containers for the bedroom area, an homage to artist and designer Bruno Munari. The unusual geometry of the surfaces and the combination of coloured surfaces.make the composition energetic, dynamic and three dimensional, messenger of an intense and eloquent aesthetics.
Even Calvi Brambilla design ETTORE table. Sculptural, symbolic, bold, stems from a desire to have fun assembling three classic, primary, geometric elements in an ironic way with the soul of the master Ettore Sottsass, to whom ETTORE addresses its tribute.
All these new products will be the stars of an exceptional exhibition space at the Furniture Show, designed by Calvi Brambilla to highlight the restrained elegance and contemporary allure of the whole PIANCA collection. Large arrangements created with PEOPLE and SPAZIOTECA will be presenting some of the new elements and the new integrated finishes, combining them with the other offerings to create comfortable and functional home interiors. The soft, sophisticated colour palette connects with the harmony of the shapes and materials, adding accents to an atmosphere that conveys PIANCA’s very essence and its balanced marriage of tradition and innovation.